baby being spoon fed a puree.

Starting Solids

The Ultimate Guide to Baby’s First Foods

Here’s everything you need to know about starting your baby on solids – in a gentle, healthy way.

This guide covers when to start, how to start, the best first foods for baby and more!

Dad holding baby while being spoon feed pureed baby food.

When to introduce solids

Learn the developmental signs to look for to know when your baby is ready to start the transition from breast milk or formula to solid foods.


Horizontal image of protein puree for babies that includes butternut squash, bone broth and salmon.

Homemade versus store bought baby food

Some guidance if you’re a new parent and trying to figure out which route to take when it comes to introducing solids.


A baby sitting in their high chair being spoon fed while holding a spoon.

How to introduce solids: purees vs baby led weaning

You might be feeling torn between spoon-feeding purees or baby led weaning. These resources will help you understand some of the pros and cons of each and why we recommend starting solids in a gentle and gut-friendly way.


Baby sitting at table eating with puree all over their face and big wide eyes.

First baby foods: veggies, fruits, proteins and fats to start with

Learn which gentle, healthy first foods we recommend starting with + some easy recipes.