Justin Winn

A husband, dad, infertility warrior, food blogger and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. 

I wasn’t always like this – confident, happy, relaxed and comfortable in my own skin.

Big changes have a way of making you re-examine your life. In the span of three years I got smacked around by life. I lost my dad to a heart attack. I got married and it ended in a divorce. Hello reality.

This all nudged me to make a big change.

I started eating real, unprocessed food (a mostly Paleo diet). The real food lifestyle was working for me. I connected with the food, how it made me feel, and I found a renewed sense of passion for cooking.  

We started a food blog from nothing and built it into our business, personal brand and livelihood – Real Simple Good. I have loved living it. And now, after years of infertility and finally bringing home our own little one, I have a new passion for bringing our love of the real food lifestyle to the next generation. Imagine a world where every kid grows up eating real, whole foods and has a healthy relationship with food. That’s what we see and strive to help families achieve.