Erica Winn

A wife, mom, autoimmune and infertility warrior, food blogger and healthy lifestyle

I’m just a real mom, with some superpower recipe creation, meal prep and organization skills.

I believe real food is at the heart of wellness. I know from my own health journey and learning to manage living with multiple sclerosis that focusing on real, whole foods can be healing.

And I think that how we feed our littles has a direct impact on their long-term physical and mental health.

Adventurous eaters

Justin and I are on a mission to change the way children are fed.

To move away from processed foods. We want to make whole foods a whole lot of fun. To bring dinner back to the family table and raise adventurous eaters.

Because I think when we do these things, we raise littles who have a positive relationship with food which directly translates to a positive relationship with yourself. And when you nurture self-love, you cultivate confidence which helps our littles truly believe anything is possible. In our own way, this is how we can change the world with the next generation of healthy little bellies.