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Got a Question?

Find answers to all the common questions about Healthy Little Bellies courses.

How old should my baby be to begin the Starting Solids course?

We recommend introducing solids around 5-6 months. You can invest in the course anytime before then to prepare for starting solids.

How do I know if my baby is ready to start solids?

Check out our Free Guide to Introducing Solids to help you know if your baby is ready for solid foods.

What’s included in the Starting Solids course?

It’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide to introducing solids that covers everything you need to know from about 6 months to your baby’s 1st birthday. The course includes 12 short videos and 15+ PDF printables, including lists of what foods to introduce and when, how to make baby food with easy recipes. It also has helpful tips and advice for dealing with and troubleshooting issues like eczema, constipation, loose stool, reflux and more.

Is the Starting Solids course a baby led weaning course?

No. We get that baby led weaning sounds like a good idea and feels convenient, but we recommend a more traditional approach starting with purees and waiting to introduce finger foods until your baby is more developmentally ready to support optimal gut health. Read this blog post and this blog post for more info on why we don’t support baby led weaning and its negative impact on gut health and immunity.

We started with baby led weaning, and now my baby is 8-9 months old and we are dealing with digestive and/or skin issues. Would it still be helpful to invest in the Starting Solids course?

YES. In the course we specifically address troubleshooting digestive and skin issues. Dani (our nutrition consultant) has seen in practice many babies who started solids with a baby led weaning approach and needed to pause and focus on gut health with purees before continuing with finger foods. Her experience and expertise in the course would be very helpful for getting your little’s digestive system and gut health back on track!