Start Solids the Right Way

A healthy and convenient way to gently introduce solid foods without baby-led weaning.

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In this course, you will learn how to introduce the correct nutrients to your baby when they are ready for them.

When you join, you’ll get:

  • Everything your babe needs for a healthy gut and happy belly
  • What YOU need to be confident and present in your little’s development

You’ll get the tools and step-by-step guidance to start your baby on solids:

  • Months 5-6: Start with bone broth and winter squash purees
  • Months 6-8: Build on the foundation, adding more vegetables, fruit, protein and healthy fats
  • Months 9-12: Continue to add new fruits and vegetables as you start finger foods
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Eliminate The Guesswork

when it comes to starting your baby on solids

We understand the pressure of figuring it all out on your own.

→ We’ve helped thousands of people learn to love real food on our blog Real Simple Good, and we’re excited to bring that passion to the next generation.

→ You don’t have to do it all by yourself. We’re here for you and committed to helping you do right by your child’s nutritional health.

→ We can help you become the informed, health-conscious parent you want to be.

Meet Us

Course Sneak Peek

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Your gut is telling you that healthy baby food should be easy.

But, for most parents, introducing their littles to solids is stressful and downright confusing.

With this course, we will equip you with the tools and confidence you need to enjoy this special moment and ensure your little one’s health.

Utilizing our parenting experience and expert nutrition consultants, our course will help you introduce solids in a way that’s manageable and enjoyable, and fosters a positive long-term relationship with food.


we believe in a traditional approach

  • Many pediatricians aren’t experienced in nutrition
  • Baby-led weaning is new and modern, but often doesn’t give your child enough nutrients to support their growth
  • Baby-led weaning can harm your baby’s gut lining by introducing whole food particles before they’re developmentally ready
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What parents are saying

What’s Included

Lesson 1

Welcome to Starting Solids

  • Meet the instructors: Get to know Erica, Dani and Whit, your guides through the course.
  • Intro to baby gut health: A background on gut health, specifically as it relates to babies. Learn why our course is designed to gently introduce solids for optimal gut health.

Lesson 2

Getting Started

  • What to do at 5-6 months old: This section is packed with information! We’ll walk you through:
      • Signs your baby is ready for solids
      • Gut friendly first foods and our recipe blueprint
      • Foods to avoid at this stage
      • Food allergy concerns
      • Choking worries
      • Introducing water
  • Baby’s first solids: Learn how to make baby bone broth, our recommend first food and nutrient powerhouse. (Recipe demo)
  • Baby’s first puree: Learn how to make an easily digestible butternut squash puree. (Recipe demo)
  • Favorite feeding products: We share our favorite kitchen tools for making baby food and purees.

Lesson 3

Introducing New Foods

  • Adding protein and fat to purees: Learn how to add protein and healthy fats to purees. Includes a food listing, blueprint for making purees and 5 tried and true puree recipes.
  • Making purees and building a freezer stash: Learn how to make a puree with protein and how to mix and match proteins to build a freezer stash. (Recipe demo)

Lesson 4

All About Finger Foods

  • How to start finger foods: We’ll walk you through our recommended approach for introducing finger foods and how to start with the most easily digested foods.
  • We’ll also cover:
      • New foods to introduce
      • 5 easy finger food recipes
      • How to introduce seasonings and spices
      • How to introduce nuts (a step by step approach)
      • Choking worries (again!)
  • Making baby’s first birthday cake: Learn how to make a healthy gluten free first birthday for your little one’s special day! (Recipe Demo)

Lesson 5

The Resources

  • Additional resources: This section is loaded with pdf downloads to support you throughout the course. Topics include:
      • Answers to course FAQ’s
      • Troubleshooting tummy issues (constipation, bloating + blowouts)
      • What your baby’s stool should look like
      • Weaning advice for nursing moms and formula fed babies
      • How to reset and recover if you started with baby led weaning
      • Supplement recommendations
      • Favorite baby food making and feeding products
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